Tuesday, April 14, 2015

winding down from Easter

 We auditioned where blocks where to be layed
 Cut background fabrics
 had an audience
And taa daa we got 3 tops done. Mom had the blocks done through BOM`s she did through the year then we get together to put them into tops, then she and her Wheatley Friendship Club quilting friends will hand quilt them. 

These were done in between going to Markham Guild on the Thursday to watch a friend of mine Sandy and her Trunk show, Sat going to 2 Quilt shops and lunch making our Easter Meal on Sunday. We did well it was any easy setting for us. 

 I also have put my giant star in a frame to start hand quilting this will be fun to do since there are sooo many fabrics used in it.
aaaaaand we have another mini finish. This was a challenge from Twisted Stitchers guild on how to describe you as a quilter to make a small quilt and put words on it. This is hand appliqued and quilted. Bringing tonight for show and share.

It has been slowly turning to spring and I have been getting out in the garden with the winter clean up

Also this weekend is the Napanee quilt show.  It is a beautiful drive to get there.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Odds and sodds

 You will notice that I am a quilter that likes different fabrics and quilts you never know what the heck I would be working on or what fabrics, that is what I love about quilting I can do anything at anytime. so this is a top I finished (well almost just got borders to put on) it was from a Quilt for Cure Kit and the stars are cut from a jelly roll. I love the sashing fabric that is what enticed me to even make this gorgeous quilt!
 The cover on my tv stand (aka dresser) was a xmas gift I received in a swap, from one of the groups I belong to,  it fits perfect and she did a fabulous job using her machine stitching!
This one I had started last summer and I am going to finish it soon but wanted to just have a look at it. I am not a purple fan but you can really see it. I want to put lemoyne stars all the way around as one of the  rounds. I bought a new ruler last year that is supposed to make them easier. I love doing Y seams but thought I would try the ruler.

The first picture is all Y seams I can do them in my sleep.

Have a wonderful East to you all.

Friday, March 27, 2015


I have a finish or 2 to show you this basket quilt Hand quilted and appliqued just using some of the never ending scraps as you can see Buddy claimed it as soon as I put it down to take a photo, milliseconds within touching the carpet. 

 so here is some of the quilting you can see I quilted everywhere, again washed and dried to get that ole`crinkley look.

This is the next project I am finishing This was a free pattern on line long ago. 
 This one I had been working on as the swap for spring it went out last week I could not find the right binding for it.
nothing like a basket of tulips to help with the image of spring. I love this block have made it 6in and now the 9 it is just too adorable not to do again what about as a border? hmmmm

Went to see Sherri H at the East Toronto guild and she gave a 2 1/2 hr spectacular session on how to build your quilt. now I am thinking how can I build my sashings, and borders....the options are endless now!! Great Show case Sherri!

I will be burning the candle at both ends this weekend.
2 quilt shows and working nights then cleaning house cause guess who is coming...you guessed it MOM! we are going to quilt our way through Easter! what a plan I have the holiday off.

Will have lots of pictures.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Internatinal Quilting Day!

What better way than a quilt show, Kindred Hearts in Oshawa is having their show today. I have just finished a mini quilt it is on its way to the recipiant, once she gets it I will post and I got the most darling mini to celebrate spring
You can see she pieced the basket and appliqued it and the wonderful wisps of embroidery and hand quilted. Thanks Karen for a lovely gift it is my first wool work too! You can see maybe a better picture over at Karen`s blog This lady does lovely work and I feel blessed that I got one from her!

Quilt show is having free videos this weekend too, I am off to shower and get ready to see a show

Saturday, March 14, 2015

slow but progressing

Well I have been hand quilting a quilt that has been on the frame for way too long, it is embarrassing to say how long! so I won`t but I am sure if you scavenge the blog you will be astonished. I vowed I would not start quilting another quilt till this one is done

so below is one of the places where the applique action occurs, as you can see Buddy is waiting for me to sit there so that he can chew on his stick that is under his belly, you can also see other projects waiting for me under the quilt frame, I have to have a quilt on so that when Buddy is done he crawls under and sleeps. The angel today attacked a raccoon and got bit, so we were at the emergency vets pain and antibiotics and we are home 2 punctures on the right shoulder and neck and his poor forehead/ear scratched and  bruised, he is lucky that is all! I saw the size of the monster as he debated whether to go up the tree or just stay where he was, massive! When he did decide it was very slow he was fat! This is also with the prospect of a colonoscopy today (for me), so I am in the middle of prep work, not a pleasant situation to be in when we go to the vets lucky for us there was only one other person there. A great shout out though to the Toronoto Veternary Emergency Hospital they were fabulous! no sedation needed to investigate the guy and just a shave. 

 Okay back to quilting, I also prepped all the border blocks and have more than half appliqued so I got a little excited and posted all the blocks I have done on the wall, I am half way there so that is a good sign. I am loving how it is coming along with the different values of fabric and the border blocks.
Alright as I say to everyone back to work kids gotta do some more applique today and later some hand stitching. I hope everyone else has time to stitch. 

Oh one other thing, I am on of the representatives at the Creative Sewing festival for Twisted Stitchers I will be showing everyone how to applique using the no melt templar method (techinque used with the baskets) I will also demo needle turn applique,  it is a free 45 minute demo once you are in. 

Also I will be at the both sewing a little on our Presidents machine stop by and say hello if you can. Apr 24/25 I will be there 25th 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Well I did say I was back and I am but the Router on the PC gave us a hard time at first I thought it was the computer so it was packed up and ready for Best Buy. Then my husband said his was running slow too. So I tried with my limited knowledge then decided it had to be our internet, well sure as piecing a block after working with rogers it was.

DH had just brought my pc to Best Buy and I called and said don`t do anything, saving 200.00 dollars! Rogers was out the next day and now we are back in action. A shout out to Greg (am sure he won`t read this)but still Rogers has a great employee

Well back to quilting right, I have been getting the border ready of both quilts Flourishes and Trick or Treat... so far doing pretty good.

Trick or Treat
So the sides are what I am working on I have 36 ready out of 48 of the top ones around the border, they are so far six different fabrics I am showing one of them right now and just wanted to see what some of the baskets will look like
Flourishes I have 4 sides like this 3  are appliqued have to think about those leaves though. the look okay this way but if you see them up close they are a little bulging on both ends I belong to a group though that has given me some good advise. 

So those that have commented on the other post I will respond just catching up on no pc...thanks for stickin` with me you will find now there will be alot more hand work I hope you don`t mind the slow pace. I am trying to finish all the things I have started. I have a chance to do a trunk show next Mar so I need something that looks finished! 

Hope everyone is staying warm we have had a very cold winter. I am going to say this again, we have had warm winters here for quite a while but since I got Buddy it has been becoming frigid (he is a Chihuahua) when I had the big dogs it was praying for cold so that we could walk the icy rivers. Buddy would not be happy he is currently on my lap not liking me petting the keyboard only him

Can you see me now Ma, I am higher!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 is starting much better

well it is quite cold and really we seem to be in the dead of winter with snow blowing and freezing temps. I had some issues but now much better and getting back to quilting. I actually pulled out an old friend that I had started about 15 years ago. This is Flourishes from Piece of Cake I got the borders to do and have started. once the borders are done I will have to quilt it but it is great if I can get it ready for quilting.
you can see in the small picture what I have to do.

so there was some auditioning I like the one on the right  better so went with that the side fabric on the left was very difficult to try to cut so that it looked straight. the top fabric has wonderful little cherry bowls and the medium of the fabric was dark enough as well I think I will use it for the binding or maybe pairie points?

 Then I had to think about what I was going to use around the border for the stemming part of the border. I got 2 fabrics together that I had in the box, The box of fabric that thank goodness I had the forethought to keep that I was using for this quilt.

I got the the stemming all ironed and ready with my clover bias tape maker I like the 2 greens that I chose, remember trying to keep with the quilt dynamics already

Then it was the middle of the tulips you may not like what i have done with the fabric choices but once you see it with the quilt you will see the difference. Now I have started with getting the leaves ready and I have slowed right down. I may have to needle turn these. the other stuff I had used the no melt templar method since all the patterns were the same. 
perfect fabric.

The picture below is the trick or treat baskets I am more than half done the baskets and am thinking about the outside with the applique along there and i found this wonderful strip fabric that I am going to cut and do around the edges as the background it will give it some texture and some interest.
I have it in red too...LOL

Well thanks for patiently waiting for me I had some issues with google but now have my account back (long story short) good to be able to see my quilting diary again and to get back at it.
Thanks for visiting and hope you have a great family day weekend for those that are able to celebrate it.